This comic was written in support of Marissa Alexander's campaign. She fired a warning shot against her abusive husband- as he was attacking her. She had given birth 10 days before. Nobody was shot. HE filed assault charges against HER and the state of Florida found her guilty. Her journey for justice was long, including 3 years served in jail, facing a 60 year sentence, and eventually settling for 2 years of house arrest. I made an animated video version of this comic that you can see by clicking here and visiting the video section of my website. If you would like to lean more about Marissa and other women like her who have survived abusive relationships only to suffer at the hands of the justice system, please click here to visit the SURVIVEDANDPUNISHED.ORG which is seeking justice for many women who have survived domestic abuse only to suffer punishment for it. 

The visual elements in this comic were a collaboration between myself and the organizers of Marissa's campaign. They asked for many of the elements in the comic that you'll notice if you look closely. She's not actually holding a gun... only  pointing her finger. The man who abused her is not drawn fully, only as a shadowy shape. Her defense did not want any media featuring his likeness. They asked me to focus not only on Marissa's daughter (who was in custody of the man who beat her while she was incarcerated) but also all of the mothers who are incarcertaed- which is a punishment extended to their children. To separate a mother from her child is to extend suffering and trauma to a child in need of their mother. 

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