We are All Water People- 3 minutes. - I was commissioned to create this animated video for the Gulf Restoration Network in celebration of Earth Day 2016. 

TOOLS: Photoshop CS6 // Final Cut Pro //  Wacom IntuosPro4 Tablet // Kyle T Webster's amazing brushes /

The Body Electric- A song Comic for Marissa Alexander. - I created this animated video to raise awareness for the campaign of Marissa Alexander, a woman who fired a warning shot against her abusive husband and faced a 60 year sentence for it. Click here to learn more

TOOLS: Pen & ink // Photoshop CS6 // Final Cut Pro //  Wacom IntuosPro4 Tablet // 

ROBOT + GIRL - This animated short film was my final project in college. I completed the video and submitted it to the Patois Film Festival, where it won an award for Best Short Film! It was completed in 2008 and shown in 2009.

TOOLS: Photoshop CS6 // Wacom Intuos3 Tablet //